Thursday, July 21, 2011

Waity, Katie Lips ‘n Tips

I have been lusting after butterLondon’s No More Waity, Katie lip gloss since the first time I saw it on their website.  Until recently it was exclusive to the site, and as much as I love butter’s polishes, I do NOT love their shipping charges.  So I have been waiting (ha).  Last week I discovered the purple tinged loveliness on, and having a few of their rewards bucks to spend, I took the plunge and placed the order.


It comes in a clear plastic squeeze tube with a chiseled tip for applicating.  ‘No More Waity, Katie’ is printed in gold; quite posh.  Winking smile

Once squeezed out, the gloss itself is a pale mauvey color with huge lavender sparkles, not unlike the Waity Katie polish. 



On the lips, it is quite sheer, lending just the slightest purple tinge to the lips when first applied.  The caveat?  The huge purple sparkles STAY on the lips.  They don’t blend in at all, which completely freaked me out.


Maybe if it were *more* sparkly I would be okay with it?  The random sparkles look like I’ve been making smoochy faces on my kids’ art projects.


It does have a pretty sheen to it, and I wish that I could get over the obnoxious glitter.  This could maybe work for a clubbing look, but for me as an everyday gloss, it’s a no go.  So, as much as I love my Waity, Katie nail polish, the gloss is going back to  Boo Sad smile

Just for fun, here is today’s NOTD….in celebration of the gloss (before I tried it!!) I am wearing the Waity, Katie polish over butter’s Marrow, which is a dark purple crème.  I love how the dark purple base lets Katie’s sparkles really shine!


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